Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

GambleRock: Single Deck Blackjack 21

GambleRock’s blackjack guide explains the best and most effective single deck blackjack strategy.

Single deck blackjack is the preferred game for many hard core card counters.

This is even more so the case with the old school professional card counting blackjack players.

The reason for single deck blackjack’s popularity is because its easy to count a single deck of cards.

However, there are major disadvantages to single deck black jack in my professional opinion.

The disadvantages with single deck games is the casino dealer never deals past 50% deck penetration any more.

In the old days some of the casinos with more favorable blackjack rules allowed their dealers to deal cards through up to 80% deck penetration on single deck 21 games.

Additionally, the luck factor in single deck blackjack is higher than it is on a 6 deck shoe game because of this short round of random play/card flow versus a long round of continuous flowing play of cards found in a 4 deck or 6 deck blackjack shoe game.

Finally, many casinos have started paying players 6 to 5 odds (6-5) on winning black jack hands verses the standards 3 to 2 odds payout (3-2) for standard natural blackjack winning hands. This one change alone completely negates in edge you could gain as a counter, effectively rendering card counting useless on single deck table games.

Because of these reasons and because of these reasons only I prefer playing on a double deck blackjack table, or, even better than single and double deck games are six deck black jack games. Counting 6+ decks is suggested for top tier card counters only.

Given all of this, player will find these single deck blackjack strategies to be quite useful for learning winning blackjack tips and understanding different blackjack rules available on different tables inside the casino.

Best Single Deck Blackjack Strategy

So, given the above information, this is the best strategy to use for single deck blackjack 21 games.

  1. Follow basic blackjack strategy and keep track of the hi/lo count
  2. Bet the minimum amount on the first 2 hands
  3. On the third hand if the count if favorable double your bet (+6 or higher at this point)
  4. If you win a blackjack on the first hand of the shoe, bet minimum on the 2nd hand and bet 3X on the 3rd hand.
  5. Only play on single deck games offering 3-2 on all blackjack payouts. (don’t play the 6-5 single deck tables)
Single Deck Blackjack Strategy
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GambleRock Single Deck Blackjack

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