Online Gambling News from the Last Decade

The online gambling industry as a long history of legal woes and ups and downs for the gambling websites operating real money gaming platforms. In this post I’ve gathered some of the industry news highlights from the last 10 years. It will take quite some time to read through all of the news stories in this list so you can bookmark it to visit again later on. These are really insightful articles into the history of the online gambling industry.

10 Years of Internet Gambling News

12/28/2011 CNN News: Ruling increases odds for online gambling legalization

By Tom Wasserman, Mashable


ABC News: Online Gambling, Casinos to “Sweep” U.S. in 2012

By Enjoli Francis,


NPR: Is Online Gambling Legal If Bitcoins, Not Dollars, Are At Stake?

By Cyrus Farivar, heard on Morning Edition


Forbes: Online Gambling: A Pastime Whose Time Has Come

By Richard Finger,


CBC: Online gambling: Is it even legal?

By Paul Haavardsrud, CBC News


PBS: Is Illegal Online Gambling Staying Completely Offshore?

By Jason M. Breslow, Digital Editor


Entrepreneur: History of Online Gambling (Infographic)

By Jonathan Long, VIP Contributor


BBC: Big Winners, Big Loosers: Kenya’s Addiction to Gambling

By Anthony Wanjiru,


Yale Tribune: The US Sports Gambling History Continues to elevate to new heights


Bloomberg: U.S. Online Gambling Reversal Puts ‘Chill’ on Industry

By Edvard Pettersson,


Fortune: Justice Department Says All Online Gambling Is Illegal

By Natasha Bach,


BBC News: Online gambling checks need to be strengthened


Bloomberg: Expanded U.S. Prohibition on Online Gambling Is Upended by Judge

By Edvard Pettersson,


Betting is esports’ biggest and most under appreciated opportunity

By Kevin Wimer,

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  1. this post has come really good articles to read. what’s most crazy are the news articles from 2019 alone. these headlines sound like a see-saw back and forth in 2019. its legal, its illegal, its legal, its illegal, its legal again again. wow! what’s next? of wait, let me guess…

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