No Bust Blackjack Strategy

No Bust Blackjack Strategy

How to Play Blackjack Using “No Bust Strategy”

Casino players looking to learn about the so called No Bust blackjack strategy are in for a surprise. Other names for the no bust black jack strategy include No Break Strategy, Dealer Bust Strategy & Dealer Break Strategy.

GambleRock pulls no punches when it comes to telling you the truth about how gambling really works.

As always, you can count on the team to tell it like it is 100%.

The reality is using a no bust strategy for blackjack will work for you (some of the time) but certainly not all of the time.

My advice is to follow basic blackjack strategy if you are new to 21 or a casual bettor.

Basic strategy strategy performs better than no bust does over time.

Advantage players are advised not to use no bust blackjack strategy. You know this already if you’re a sharp gambler.

On GambleRock I write lots of articles about playing blackjack as I’m a long time avid player of the game.

I’m also a huge fan of black jack 21 games in general in all the variations I’ve played in different international locations over the years so I really understand the game of black jack and the real rules of the casino game 21 better than anyone else on the planet.

The main reasons not to use the no bust strategy is that the casino’s blackjack dealer usually makes a good hand.

As a result, you’ll loose many more hands by standing with this no break strategy sitting on 14, 15, 16.

If you simply drew a card you’d likely win the hand or tie. Both of these are preferred to losing your bet outright.

No Bust Blackjack Strategy vs. Play Like a Dealer

Is is better to hope for the dealer to bust or to play like the dealer?

I’ve learned over 10,000+ hours of blackjack play in my lifetime that you’re much better off playing like a dealer.

That means hitting every hand and drawing cards until you reach 17 or higher (or bust).

What is no bust blackjack strategy?

The short answer is no bust strategy’s key concept originates around the notion of allowing the dealer the bust.

A person who uses the no bust black jack strategy will not take/draw any cards that could potentially make them bust.

While this guarantees the players a chance to possibly win (if the dealer busts), over time its not as effective as following blackjack basic strategy and therefore not recommended in most cases.

Can I still win if the dealer doesn’t bust?

Yes you can still win of the dealer does not bust IF your black jack hand total value is greater than the dealer’s total value.

However, if you stood on a 16 hand value or less and the dealer does not bust, your hand automatically loses.

Does no bust blackjack strategy really work?

My observations after over 10K hours of playing over the last 25 years is this.

No bust or dealer bust (dealer break) blackjack strategy only works in random (and not so random) short periods of time.

So yes, it can technically be effective in certain circumstances.

However, having the skills & abilities to consistently know exactly when that has come in the shoe is something far more complicated to explain.

So, I’ll advise not to use the no bust / dealer bust strategy because in the long run, it doesn’t work out and using basic/simple blackjack strategy works bettor for the large majority of players in the long run.

Alternatively, you can also learn single deck blackjack strategy on if you’re an advantage 21 black jack player.

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