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I’ve spent an unbelievably amount of time in my life playing the game of blackjack.

Over the years my game play and skill level evolved naturally.

The thing is, I knew how to count cards around 15 or 16 years old. I started playing blackjack in casino boats at 18 years old. I played good basic strategy for 15 plus years before my game began to evolve beyond that of basic blackjack strategy and blackjack card counting methods such as hi-lo.

I’ve played in blackjack tournaments and played many years of high stakes blackjack with bets up to $5,000 per hand sometimes. It was very common to be up or down $3,000 to $5,000 on any given day in my high roller blackjack gambling days.

Retirement is my official status.

I’ve determined that with the game of blackjack, I’m way too good for my own good and I recognize that I’ll never get a fair chance at blackjack after a casino has watched me play for 15 minutes.

I’m too good. They know it immediately because I’ll do something that they have never seen before. Something so crazy it sounds stupid or absurd when you first hear it our see it. What’s really crazy is how much it actually works is far greater than what should happen.

Odds defying stuff like double down on hard 18 against a 2 on one hand and only a few hands later standing on a 13 against an 8 and beting right in both instances.

That makes me think. How could that possibly be unless things weren’t actually random