2020 Online Gambling Predictions

I love predicting things, its almost second nature. I thought I would challenge myself by making online gambling predictions for 2020 and see how many of them come true by the end of the year. Here’s goes…

My Predictions for Online Gambling in 2020

  • Prediction # 1 – 2020 is the year in which “VR” starts to gain momentum in the online gambling industry.
  • Prediction # 2 – 2020 is a year of mergers and acquisitions in the iGaming industry.
  • Prediction # 3 – The legal online sports betting market in USA realizes massive growth in 2020.
  • Prediction # 4 – Emerging markets worldwide fuel explosive expansion of iGaming market in 2020.
  • Prediction # 5 – A major player will emerge in blockchain & digital payments sector of the gambling market.

In the past I thought I had “visions” of the future. Over time my perception has changed somewhat in that I now consider the possibility that these are instead pieces of information from the future and not visions.

This post will be an interesting test to see which is more likely to be the case. New Jersey’s recent sports betting boom has been fueling online casinos thus far.

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