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Hello Gamble Rock’ers! After almost one year online (yes our 1st birthday is just one month away) I think I’ve found the solution to keep the gaming forums open or not, keeping the WordPress blogs open or not.

I’m an advocate for online social communities and started boot strapped development of social blogging network from 2007-2013/2014.

I actually brought WordPress Sites back online just last month in April 2020. The WordPress technology became to good for me to sit on the sidelines any more.

I got so inspired that I developed around 50 websites and registered about 800 domains in the last 6 months.

Being locked in for the Coronavirus had led to me working non stop for the most part.

My challenge with GambleRock’s online gambling community in the past has been finding genuine contributors versus the 95% fly by night copy & paste spam.

The solution is GambleRock Professional.

GambleRock Digital Marketing |   Online Gambling Agency
Our SEO Experience combined with 20 Years with Web Development gives us invaluable skills to leverage. Source:

If you represent and online gaming business & want to advertise directly with the community then you can subscribe to GambleRock WP Professional and get your own blog site powered by the latest WordPress software with unlimited video hosting included. Your blog can be found on the internet at + You will get your own dedicated forum for growing your community of followers.

Gamble Rock WP PRO also includes a set of high powered WordPress software integrations that allow you to automate a large amount of your social medial marketing efforts. This leads to more effective digital marketing due to the increased engagement.

We offer one marketing platform to manage all if your digital marketing channels. Share & collaborate with your team members quickly and painlessly with GambleRock professional marketing platform..

The online gambling space is one of the most competitive on the internet and I’ve always been thriving in it among the industry’s leaders as my colleges and many have become personal life long friends.

I share 20 years of leading-edge SEO experience to help you ensure that your business succeeds with GambleRock Professional.

GambleRock PRO Digital Marketing Tools

GambleRock PRO 1 Year Subscription

1 year of access the the full suite of GambleRock professional digital marketing and web publishing tools. Build brand profiles and pages for companies on and expand your reach. Create a company blog and promote your brands in the community forums. Online casino agency and online gambling agency marketing automation tools. WP Optimized for SEO to deliver targeted, organic traffic from the search engines and social media sites.


For players and approved quality content publishers Gamble Rock will remain a to be a free WordPress site building platform.

You can continue to read and write in your blog, the community forums or just enjoy the amazing set of free casino games that we’re offering courtesy of NetEnt.

So after 20 years of learning new internet technologies in the trenches day in and day out my skills have aged like a fine wine. I’m able to develop a nice, professional looking site, with good content, fairly quickly and reasonably affordable given that I’ve typed every key myself.

Search engine optimization platforms often you a proven a 38.47% gain (whatever) based on their AI software don’t believe it just because some says its true.

Ask questions, find out answers for yourself.

We mean well as internet marketers but sometimes we’re just too much. I’m doing it now. Enough talk…

You don’t wan to miss out on the unbelievable power of our WordPress SEO software that will boost your traffic, increase organic reach, increase social engagements and improve your search engine optimization.

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