7 Tips for Being A Successful Casino Affiliate

This article is part of our ongoing series of instruction articles about How to Start an Online Gambling Business. In this post we’ve provided 7 useful tips for becoming a successful online casino affiliate.

Casino Affiliate Business

Become a Successful Casino Affiliate

  1. Be Original.
    Its very important that you’re original when you’re creating a casino affiliate website. There are probably hundreds of thousands of online casino guides that you’re competing with. Of those, there’e probably really only a couple of thousand really good sites that you’re truly competing with because so many affiliate sites are just junk sites with a list of affiliate links and no useful content. So they may exist but they’re not competition.

    So how do you be original in a landscape where everyone is reviewing the same casinos? You create a brand. Don’t go register 10bestonlinecasinoreviews.com or anything generic like that. In years past that might have been a great domain name to build an organic search website on. Now in 2019 its more likely that the domain name will hurt you because its too generic. There is nothing original about that name.

    On the other hand, look at our domain name gamblerock.com. GambleRock is an original brand and we’re different than many other gambling guides because of our community software that connects gamblers with online betting sites. When you’re resister doing your domain name, choose something original that you can develop a unique and fun brand around.

  2. Focus on Quality Content and User Experience.
    Developing high quality content is an absolute must in today’s competitive online marketing world. When I started working as a casino affiliate in 2001 there was a huge lack of competition and very few industry experts at that time. So creating any new content had a chance of getting some decent traffic. Those day’s are long gone. In 2019 you must create original content with an abundance of useful information on each topic that you write about. Try to write articles of at least 1,000 words or more. If its an in depth topic you can easily go to 3,000-5,000 words or more per article. Include relevant images into your content and properly name the images with descriptive keywords. Use image alt text for each image on your page with the appropriate keywords used to help the search engines better understand the nature of your page’s content and purpose.

    Develop Your Website with User Experience in Mind.
    Developing a user friendly website is critical becoming a successful casino affiliate. You must build mobile ready website with responsive/adaptive design. If you’re new to building websites then you should start by building a WordPress powered website. It only takes a few minutes to install WordPress and you can build the foundation for your mobile-friendly website with no experience in a matter of minutes.

    Create a Free WordPress Blog on GambleRock

    Use Google Analytics to monitor your website traffic (its free to use). Monitor key metrics such as bounce rate, time on site, traffic flow, and optimize for these aspects of your website. Make changes to your site to improve the bounce rate of the homepage and other landing pages and monitor the impact of those changes. Continue to tweak your website and optimize for user experience, always developing useful information for your readers. Identify pages that are getting organic traffic and develop those pages further. Adding more content will help you to rank for a broader range of long tail search terms and ultimately lead your website to getting more traffic.

  3. Follow Google Guidelines.
    Getting organic traffic from Google is critical to becoming a successful gambling affiliate. In order to get online gambling traffic from Google you absolutely MUST follow their webmaster guidelines. Google has done an excellent job and providing webmasters with transparency and useful tools they can use to monitor their website’s performance in organic search. They are lots of useful suggestions for webmasters. If you’re buying PPC traffic from Google then you need to get permission from them and follow their Advertising Guidelines for Gambling Sites.

  4. Advertise Reputable Casinos Only.
    Work with trusted casino brands. Join trustworthy casino affiliate programs that have a long history and proven records for fair gaming and honest reporting. By working with the most trusted brands your readers will learn that they can also trust you to guide them towards fair and legit online casinos. If you promote casino sites that have lousy reputations this will reflect poorly on your own brand and its perceived trustworthiness. Plus, it really feels good to know that you’re guiding players to honest casinos where they have a truly fair chance to win. It also feels good to help players avoid the lousy casinos so be sure to create an online casino blacklist of known troubled casinos to warn your readers to stay away from. Intertops is probably the best casino affiliate program to start working with. They are highly trusted and have been successfully operating their affiliate programs for more than 20 years.

  5. Become a Trusted Google News Source.
    Submit your site to become a Google News provider. Google News results will show up in organic search results and can bring a lot of traffic to your website. Before you submit your site for inclusion follow the steps in this Google guide. Once you’ve been approved to become a Google News publisher make sure that you post current news with original headlines/titles using descriptive keywords written in a natural way. Include a link or two to another on topic authority source to add citations to your work and give credit to original sources. Creating links to other authority sites can help you to generate organic back links to your website and help it to become an authoritative site in its area of expertise.

  6. Use Social Media.
    Be active on social media. Create a brand account for your website. Add social media buttons to your website to encourage your visitors to follow you on social media networks like Twitter, Reddit and LinkedIn. Facebook and Instagram can also be used for social media marketing but they’re likely to cancel your brand page without notice so if you’re going to market on their networks you should apply for permission.

    Use hashtags # with your targeted keywords in your social media posts. Hashtags are at the core of how users discover new information on sites like Twitter and LinkedIn. Be sure to include your brand name on your hashtags (example #gamblerock).

  7. Work Smarter, Harder and Longer.
    You’ve probably heard the expression work smarter, not harder. That may be true in the case where smart work planed out to the detail in advance can yield better results than just plain hard work without a specific direction or objective. However, if you work smarter, harder and longer than your competitors this is when your work will begin to stand out from the rest. Be proud of what you’re developing. Not only can you make a lot of money by promoting casino affiliate programs. You can also help real people find honest casinos to gamble with and that’s something to feel good about. When you feel good about the work you’re doing it becomes easier and natural to put in more hours. Pick a niche market to target within the online casino space (welcome bonuses, online casino reviews, real player ratings, no deposit bonuses, free spins, live dealers, etc). The more time you put in results in a better understanding of the topics you’re writing about and helps you to become an authority in your niche.

Bonus Tip: Of course, you need top quality online casino affiliate programs to work with. Here are a few of the best:

Listed below are links to trusted online casino affiliate programs. Sign up to these programs as a gambling affiliate and start your Internet gambling business.

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  • Intertops Affiliates – One of the most established and longest running casino affiliate programs for Internet sportsbooks and online casinos. Earn up to 35% commissions when you send real money players to Intertops casino, poker room and sportsbook. Monthly payments via check, bank wire transfer, Neteller and bitcoin.
  • Deck Media Affiliates – Deck Media has a large selection of internet casinos for players located in different geographic locations across the world. Earn up to 45% commissions when you send real money players to DeckMedia’a trustworthy online casino sites. Monthly payments paid with Bitcoins.
  • Legend Affiliates – Legend Affiliates started in 2017 by industry veterans that have a long history running some of the iGaming industry’s top casinos. Monthly payments via Check, Bank Wire, Neteller, Skrill e-wallets. Earn between 25%-45% monthly commissions based on your traffic volume.

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