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Would you like to learn how to play blackjack? If so you’ll find this Blackjack page offers professional player insights and rare opportunities to take advantage of when you play 21 for real money at a casino.

With well over 20 years experience as an advantage blackjack player I’ve actually become to good for my own good. I understand how to count cards, the hi low card counting math formula used to count cards and the basic principles of how to count cards in blackjack.

With this having been clarified, I actually don’t count nor do I keep an active running count or a true count. Continue reading to learn how to play blackjack on this article from Duke University’s Math Department…

Learn how to play blackjack in a casino, make a bet, and win real money online.

How to Play Blackjack – TheGambler

I know that ~90% of all professional blackjack players will disagree with me on this point. And that’s ok. Everyone is entitled to their opinions. From my perspective, is not a matter of debate. Its a matter of mathematics.

I play the game of blackjack on a much higher level than even the top professional card counters do. Reason being is that most card counters play blackjack with nearly perfect strategy ~98% of the time using a Hi-Lo card counting method. This is the world’s current understanding of correct blackjack math and is supposed to be the best strategy to win at blackjack.

The way that I play blackjack takes the basic blackjack strategy math formulas to a more advanced level than your average pro blackjack player / card counting player because my math formulas used change on every hand dealt. I play every single hand like a math puzzle to solve which is relative to all puzzles before it and all puzzles yet to come.

This is a critical difference with how I play blackjack and how the rest of the world does.

I can consistently make moves that do not follow blackjack rules, which are statistically against the odds and are not advisable. Yet, the majority of the time I will succeed with odds defying decisions much more than I will lose and this is an anomaly.

When I say I play blackjack different than everyone else I honestly mean it.

I’m talking about doing crazy stuff like doubling down on hard 17 against a dealer’s bust card showing and even doubling down on a hard eighteen against a dealer’s bust card (that move is usually against the 2 or 3 specifically).

Now, before you go hitting the back button thinking to yourself “this guy has no f*#king clue” please take a few moments for yourself to keep an open mind and consider these facts.

I’ve probably doubled down on about 50 or so hard 18 blackjack hands in my lifetime (most of them were this year, a handful were another time several years back) and I’ve pulled it off (not busted) at least 30 times. Its probably closer to 35 times that I succeeded when doubling down on a hard 18 out of 50 attempts. That might seem statistically impossible or at least statistically improbable to say the least using basic black jack strategy math, even if any type of running count is kept.

So How do I do this? Pattern detection and predictive modeling. Read this article on LinkedIn for more information on what this entails.

The first hand out of the shoe I usually follow basic strategy since its the best mathematical option given that all of the cards remain in the shoe. No cards have yet to be dealt out to the players. No one has taken a hit or split their cards and everything else remain equal. In this scenario basic blackjack strategy does have the best odds statistically speaking so I will often follow it on the first hand out of the black jack shoe.

However, now always. I look at the card distribution patterns of each card that is deal out. In real time my brain scans and observes each value that comes out, one after the next. Noticing any patterns in the cards and whether they’re distributed in a true shuffle or not.

As I keep a close eye on every card coming out of the deck, my brain computes the correct decision on how to play the hand by the time I get my first card. That’s right! Even before the dealer has shown their up card, my brain often tells me in milliseconds what the right move to make is for my hand. Its like my brain is a Quantum Computer analyzing every possibility and probability and instantly knows what do do.

This happens before I even know what my hand is and what the dealer’s up card is showing.

I probably can not explain how crazy impossible that is. Yet, it happens quite frequently. Its not always right, bit it is ~75% of the time. Granted, my brain doesn’t always auto compute like this although it is quite a common occurrence for me.

This is rather quite incredible even if I’m biased. Because with blackjack, the player’s correct decision is determine by the value of the player’s two cads and the dealer’s card facing up. At least according to basic blackjack strategy it is.

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So, the blackjack math used on my second hand will be relative to the first hand’s events, the cards delivered and the order they were delivered in. This progresses with each new hand of blackjack. The deeper I get into the shoe the more unusual my style of play becomes and it feels like I’m Rain Man.

Every single hand is a new math equation to be solved. The answer to the equation is relative to all of the previous math equations that have occurred. There are some hands where there is no correct answer mathematically given the current card value distribution (meaning no matter what you will lose the hand). Conversely, there are some hands which can not be lost no matter what you do. (That usually happens at the same time in a run of wins as when the deck is running HOT).

Unfortunately, when you double down on a hard 18 against a bust card and win the hands more than you lose doing it, the casino has an internal defense team prepared to counter you moves. Also, if you’re a regular like I usually am then they already know your moved before you make them. Remember that if you’re a serious gambler trying to consistently make large amounts of money playing blackjack. Its incredibly difficult for player to reach this skill level in 2020.

So in the end, playing black jack really is as simple as following beginner blackjack strategy.

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