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Casino Secrets & Blackjack Tricks Casinos Don’t Want You to Know

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I explain what I’ve learned after 25 years of blackjack gambling in Casinos and good old Las Vegas.

Blackjack Secrets Casinos Don’t Want You Knowing

I briefly explain some dark & hidden blackjack casino secrets that are very well concealed by the land based gaming industry and for good reason too.

What I’ve learned and experienced in an estimated ten thousand hours of blackjack gambling is that casinos have a very long list of “adjustments” they can make to any game at any time to alter the outcome.

What’s more shocking is they’re in total control of it at many places in Vegas and other supposedly reputable gaming resort operators.

Sometimes it makes sense and others like the patented baccarat shoes its just an absurd legal cheating devices for casinos to run baccarat games out of an electronic shoe.

Take a mental note.

If you play Baccarat, don’t play at a baccarat table that uses an electronic shoe with a red button on it which delivers the cards. That machine scans the cards and can change the order for banker player, banker player to baker baker, player player. This affects all bets on the table.

If you play baccarat find an actual shoe game where cars are not in any type of electronic device whatsoever. They’re in a normal blackjack style baccarat show. This is how you want to play baccarat because its actually a fair and fun game if you’re not betting against a cheating electronic shoe.

I actually don’t even discuss that in the video at all. I know so much about casino gambling that I can talk for days and keep creating new original information that’s helpful and insightful to my friends and fellow gamblers.

In this blackjack casino secrets video I describe the way things are with blackjack gambling at casinos as I see them and experience them. That doesn’t mean that these situations apply to everyone. Certainly it does not.

I am targeted by casino security before I get in the casinos because they know how good I am. Undercover defense forces are deployed to hold guard on various BJ ports (blackjack tables). B

asically, I play black jack on the highest skill level possible/probably ever and its normal routine for me (every 5 minutes or so) to be making very unusual hits and stays they’ve never seen and usually being right consistently despite making against the odds decisions.

That’s because I’m playing a for more advanced game of math…

Read my Blackjack Strategy & Beyond: Tips for Winning article for more detailed explanation of the highly complex models I use when calculating odds on the fly betting on blackjack games inside a casino.

Go beyond all known possible known blackjack strategies on GambleRock with yours truly, Benjamin Ogden.

Instead of gambling online for real money or at land based casinos consider saving that money in the stock market for your retirement. Buy Nasdaq Index (QQQ) and S&P 500 (SPY) and don’t sell it. Just hold on to it until the day comes that you’re ready to retire or are forced to take a break from work for all sorts of other possible reasons. Next time you want to gamble push that money into your QQQ & SPY instead.

If you’re a young 20’s something year old person and you do that every time instead of the casinos you’ll be a millionaire before you’re 40. I hope that you enjoy and learn something that’s useful to you.

Here’s a classic 6 deck free blackjack game to try out:

Fortunately there are reputable gaming companies like Hard Rock International which support Social Responsibility & Responsible Gaming practices. The organization has expanded their land based online gambling operations to the internet with and

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