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Blackjack Strategy Tips for Winning

Blackjack Basic Strategy

Basic blackjack strategy is the fundamental starting point for all beginner blackjack players and everyone interested in winning money playing casino 21. The good news is it’s fairly easy to learn basic blackjack strategy.

You’ll find basic blackjack strategy charts online making it super-easy to learn are all the different basic strategy blackjack charts for various rules scenarios and hands you’ll play throughout the game.

There are hundreds of websites that explain basic blackjack tips to win more often and become a better player.

Blackjack tips for beginners basic strategy charts are the most common way for new 21 players to learn how to play blackjack online and offline.

Don’t use the no bust blackjack strategy. It doesn’t work reliably long term.

Single deck players can check out GambleRock’s single deck blackjack strategy guide for an original betting strategy for advantage players looking for an edge on single deck 21 games.

When you are new to the game or simply wishing to brush up on your 21 skills you need to know that although the game is beatable, you won’t win every time you sit down to play. This may sound like common sense but some black jack players think after a bad run that the game is rigged or not legit!

The truth of the matter is more than likely the player has made several basic mistakes when playing and this fact has led to the lowering the house edge by virtue of their bad play and ultimately costs them money, which is no way to play blackjack 21.

There is also unfortunately some rigging done on some of the casinos’ parts in my personal opinion.

Advanced Blackjack Secret Strategies 21 Video

Basic Blackjack Strategy Tips

If you wish to play a better 21 casino game and occasionally come out of the game ahead then you need to get yourself playing Basic Blackjack Strategy.

It isn’t brain surgery.

In fact, anyone can learn it so spend a little time on our site gaining all the knowledge and game rules information you need to improve your blackjack play.

Here’s a great blackjack strategy tip: You first need to find a 21 game that has the lowest house edge, why play a game that has a high house edge when by shopping around you can get this down to the absolute minimum.

Next you need to get yourself a Blackjack strategy card. We have gathered several strategy cards resources and included them for you on GambleRock. These strategy charts will show you every proper move to make when playing black jack.

It is basically a beginner’s guide to playing blackjack.

Not that we are saying you are an beginner of course, but you know what we mean!

Winning Blackjack Basic Strategy Video

Blackjack Money Management

Whether your playing black jack 21 or other casino games, say for example slots jackpots online you need to be aware of bankroll money management techniques. Now if you have armed yourself with a strategy card and you have found the best table game with the lowest House Edge you’ll next need to put into operation a good money management system.

This simply refers to your real money betting bankroll and how you wish to use it.

The best rule of thumb is for you to first decide how much you have got to play with then divide it in half. So let’s say for the sake of argument you have $200 to play with, half of that is $100 so this should be both your stop loss limit and you winning goal.

Next divide your bankroll by 20, that is $10 so that should be what you are going to play each hand for. You have now worked out how much you are going to place on each hand ($10) and how much you are aiming to win ($100), plus you now know that if you lose $100 of your bankroll which is your stop loss limit you must stop playing and move on.

There you have it a very simple way to instantly improve your game play, it isn’t complicated and will, over time save you a lot of money at the tables!

To conclude
  1. Find a table with a low house House Edge.
  2. Grab a black jack strategy card.
  3. Work out your stop loss, win goal and stake per hand.
  4. Hit those tables and good luck gambling online.
Black Jack Strategy

Blackjack Tips To Win

If you’re really new to learning blackjack strategy and are a visual learner than watching this YouTube video can be an easier way to educate yourself on how to properly play blackjack (21) using basic strategy. Before you can attempt card counting you must first understand these basic principles. I’m not saying you must always follow them because doing so might actually hurt you in certain offline casinos (I’ll explain more about that later on). Regardless of that, developing a good understanding of the game begins with with blackjack basic strategy.

One you’ve learned basic strategy its time to take your game beyond the basics (beginner level).

Next on the list about how to play blackjack successfully like a pro is learning how to count cards.

This is an excellent YouTube Video from Blackjack Apprenticeship that explains how to count cards and bring down the house.

How to Count Cards Video

Tips for Winning at Black Jack

And now for the “And Beyond” part. This is where it really gets interesting…

After 24 years of playing blackjack and an estimated 10,000 hours of actual game play I have learned much to tell about the game of black jack. Its one of my great passions and loves in life.

Now once you’ve mastered basic blackjack strategy and have a good understanding of how card counting works you’ll be ready to learn some of my expert level tips on how to win at blackjack.

You see, both basic strategy and also card counting have a fundamental flaw that the casino’s exploit to turn the odds in their favor beyond what they should be. The fundamental flaw is that they both assume that the cards are randomly shuffled.

However, my observations and experience from a lifetime of playing 21 have proven to me that in many casinos, the cards are not shuffled randomly at all. Instead, they are sorted in an algorithmic way that tends to favor the house.

For example, both beginner 21 players and professional card counters almost always follow the same rules. In fact, about 95% of blackjack players or more will always split Aces and Eights.


The casino knows that exactly what they’ll do.

Should they really be allowed to do this is the question nobody else seems to be asking…?

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