The World’s Largest Online Gambling Empire

Ok, try to follow me on this for a moment because there’s a massive market making move that’s going on right now. PaddyPower and BetFair are two of the world’s largest and most popular online sportsbooks. They’re both highly trusted and respected sports betting sites owned by Flutter Entertainment.

Then we’ve got PokerStars and SkyBet, two more online poker gambling & online sports betting giants owned by the StarsGroup.

Now Flutter Entertainment has announced that it is moving forward with a £5.97 Billion acquisition ($6.95 Billion USD) of the Stars Group, creating the world’s largest *online gambling empire in the process (*world’s largest according to revenues).

There is a debate with iGaming industry analysts about if their will be regulatory hurdles that could cause an issue for the Flutter / Poker Stars Group deal to be completed. We will keep you posted with the latest developments in this story as it proceeds.

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  1. Whoa! This is major news. I’m not sure about the regulators part. I think it should be able to go through without issue. If the deal does go through, they’re going to be an absolute giant in the Internet gambling industry. This should be an interesting story to watch for sure. Thanks for looking out! I’ll be subscribing…

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