NJ Sports Betting Craze Boosts Online Casinos

Revenue from online casino games like blackjack and slots in New Jersey is expected to grow 66% in 2020.

By Katherine Sayre WSJ.com
December. 26th, 2019

So its turns out that 2019 was the year of USA sports betting uprising with the momentum to possibly go nationwide in the coming years. The New Jersey market for online sports gambling has introduced sports gamblers to virtual casino games like slot machines, Texas hold’em poker, roulette, video poker and blackjack on mobile phones and smartphone devices. Now we are at the dawn of an entirely new era. Welcome to the wild world of USA online casino gambling.

As a result, Atlantic City casinos and their online partners generated $433 million from such virtual games through November this year and could reach as high as $460 million by the end of the year, according to figures from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement and analysts’ projections. That would be a 66% increase from last year, when…TO READ THE FULL STORY

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