Internet Gambling 101

Are you new to internet gambling? If so then bookmark this page now to add it to your favorites. This Internet Gambling 101 course is a beginners guide to betting on the net.

Where to begin … ?

The thing is, the history of online gambling is a long and windy road. So, not to overwhelm you with information overload I’ve included the key points to understand and be aware of at all times when you’re internet gambling for real money.

History of Internet Gambling

The word on the web is that the first online casino & sportsbook wagers were placed in 1994. Its hard to believe that its been nearly 30 years since it all began. For myself, I’ve been working in the net gambling affiliate marketing industry for 20 years strong and I’m still going.

UK Online Gambling

The United Kingdom was the first country to see the light and promise of regulating internet gambling for the benefit of its citizens. In deed, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has been a pioneer among world Governments, having successfully regulated online casinos, bingo, poker, lottery and sports wagering sites since the UK regulators approved the Gambling Act of 2005.

Internet Casinos in the United Kingdom

Players fortunate enough the live in the UK should be counting their blessings. They’ve had the good fortune of living in a region of the world that has been effectively offering players regulated gambling games (including sport betting) at United Kingdom internet casinos for 15 years and counting now. The UKGC has been consistent & demonstrated effective ways to protect gamblers and oversee internet gambling operators to ensure everyone if playing fairly.

Mobile Casino Games

I’m a former gambler (blackjack player) & have done my best to quit gambling and play free mobile casinos instead. The reality is that gambling over the internet (and gambling offline too for that matter) can be a expensive hobby (at best). So I’m learning to embrace the free-play casino games and encouraging everyone to also give them a try.

USA Internet Gambling

In the United States of America, the nation first introduced regulated online gambling in the state of New Jersey in 2013. By the time 2018 got here regulated gambling over the internet had started to spread across several more states. USA online sports betting also became legal and regulated in 2019 (in certain parts of the country).

Companies like DraftKings and Fanduel started out as fan-favorite fantasy football websites and have since grown into multi-billion dollar cyber-gambling conglomerates. Both sites now have full featured online casinos where players can bet on a range of casino games from roulette and poker to blackjack and online slot machines.

Internet Sports Betting

There is no question and the people have voted hands down to bring sports betting to the States. I’m personally happy to see this because sports bettors very much needed safe and regulated places to place their sports bets over the web. While I don’t gamble on sports myself, the industry prospers with proper regulations and oversights in place. This benefits everybody involved including the players, the internet gambling operators and also the governments regulating the iGaming market.

Mobile Gambling Apps

Instead of gambling for real on the net I suggest a new alternative that’s going to be better for your wallet, bank account, and overall better for your life in general. Mobile apps have introduced fun new ways to gamble on the net freely so you don’t lost real money. Both iPhones and Androids have a huge amount of free mobile gaming apps such as Slotomania and Zyng’a live poker.

Gambling Addiction (The Darkness)

There is no addiction worse than that of gambling addiction. I would know. I’ve dealt with addition my entire life, its part of my natural personality. I go “all-in” before I know what “I’m going all-in too” and when you’ve got that type of personality gambling is not an activity you should take part in. The brutality of gambling addiction in the destructiveness of its effects on peoples lives in astounding. Problem gambling is a serious matter and anybody with addictive personality traits should not endeavor into the world of internet gambling for money. Try to play free casino games instead if you must play at all. Over time I’ve learned these lessons myself.

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