2K20 is the year of Sports Betting – Will 2K21 be the year of Online Casinos?

2K21 will be the year of online casinos

2K21: The Year of Sports Betting

The United States is experiencing an online gambling boom fueled by the spread of legalized sports gambling in many places across the country.

With several US states moving into the iGaming industry in 2020 by setting up legal online sports betting for bettors bringing action from within the state, 2K20 is very much becoming the year of sports gambling in the USA. Colorado, Indiana and Illinois have all joined the ranks of Pennsylvania, New Jersey and West Virginia by setting up legal sports betting for people that wish to bet over the internet.

The expansion of the iGaming market in the United States is forecast for steady growth for years to come.

While sports gambling is what captures most media attention and buzz, its online casinos that are the real money maker for internet gambling sites. Also, there are close to 15 states that have regulated internet sports betting and more coming on board quick. There are only 3 states with regulated internet casinos currently, however.

Growth of Casino Online Gambling Sites in 2K20-2K21

2K21: The Year of Online Casinos

The USA online casino gambling market is likely to outpace USA online sports betting over the next decade given current market conditions.

2K201 is looking promising to become a fast paced year of enormous growth in the quickly expanding USA online gambling market. Its likely to be the virtual casino websites that will be reporting big profits with healthy margins for iGaming companies operating in the country’s quickly moving wager market.

I think 2021 will be the year for online casinos with action in many states passing bills that approve regulations of internet casino games. Having worked in the e-gambling industry myself for a solid twenty years now I’ve watched the industry slowly evolve to what it has become today.

iGaming Mergers and Acquisitions on the Horizon

The recent deal for Sweden’s Revolution Gaming offering to acquire NetEnt online casino software for $2 Billion is an early sign of what’s to come over the next decade. A massive move of legal internet casinos setting up online operations in the United States of America.

Why else would Revolution be offering a 43% premium over NetEnt’s current market valuation?

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