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GambleRock is an online gambling resource center that provides real money gamblers with useful information and helpful tools that make for a better time betting over the internet. Cyber-bettors have plenty of choices of legit gambling sites to play and bet with.

Our mission is to provide important information and educate gamblers on the realities of all gambling types from local land based casinos to modern day state-of-the-art internet casinos. I’m rebuilding the GambleRock online casino review guide with an updated collection of premier virtual betting sites.

I’m also very proud to be the world’s most skilled blackjack player (in my not so humble opinion).

The Blackjack GOAT!

This is totally self-proclaimed FYI in all transparency. However, I’ve played far more than my ten thousand hours due to earn my comprehensive knowledge of the 21 game. That and I’m a math wiz who learned how to count cards as a young guy. I started playing basic strategy 25 years ago at the age of 18. The casino cruise ships in Florida allow 18+ to gamble real money on blackjack table games.

Internet Gambling is Risky so be Careful

Wagering is a risky hobby and it can be an expensive hobby too if you’re not careful. If you want to play at poker or blackjack sites for real money, or you are interested in sports betting from your phone, then I suggest first taking the time to learn about how online gambling works.

This cited article from provides newbies with the perfect introduction to web betting. How stuff works covers the three main keystones of internet gambling; online casinos, online poker sites and sports betting bookmakers.

Here we explain the different types of gambling games. There’s lots of interesting lessons to explore on GambleRock from beginner player level to way past the level of the pros. That’s what 10K hours of blackjack gambling can do to one’s perspective of the game…

Gambling Addiction is a Real Problem

Gamble Responsibly

Please make your gambling activities responsible, always setting time limits and budgets.

I share my experiences on and it brings me great happiness when I hear from you and am able to help you in some way. This is especially true for anyone that needs help dealing with a gambling problem. I’m a life long gambler and still battling with the struggle and addictions of it today.

Overall, my problems from gambling have reduced greatly as I’ve learned how to be a responsible gambler. But at the same time, just last month I made a 2nd withdrawal at the local casino near me when my bankroll ran out even though I said only 1 withdrawal before entering the casino.

7/7/2020 Update: My last 2 visits to the casino I managed to reach my target goal, then have the logic and willpower to leave the casino with a small profit. I’m learning how to mange money better and take less stupid risks just for the thrill.

So I’m quite happy to be playing responsibly and still playing a casino game I’ll forever love.

GambleRock Vegas Online Casino

If you have trouble not being able to stop gambling then getting yourself help is something you need to do.

Help for Gambling Problems

We provide useful information on for gambler help services available to people dealing with their addictions. is a good organization that offers gamblers help for struggles with addiction to gambling through local 12-step self help groups. There you will meet other people in a similar situation and the talking about it with other people that understand can be very beneficial and is recommended to everyone dealing with the disease.

Gamblers Anonymous is a gambling treatment resource community of self organized, self supporting and self funded problem gambling support group.

Read through the gambling help resources and bookmark the helpful websites listed here. Get help for yourself or someone that your care about. You can email GambleRock at if you need help or someone to talk to. I know what the bottom feels like and it sucks.

The National Council on Problem Gambling is a 24/7/365 free telephone help line for gambling addicts. If you find yourself asking how can I stop gambling? then its time to stop. If your betting activities are interfering with your family, friends or work I say again, its time to stop gambling.

For urgent matters please call the The National Council on Problem Gambling now. Get yourself some help by calling 1-800-522-4700 to speak with a treatment specialist or visit NCPG online at: will continue to build upon these resources with information you can rely on to help.

The Good News

Fortunately, most people are not gambling addicts.

In fact, the percentage of people that are addicted to gambling is surprisingly low with only an estimated 3% of people are considered addicts.

Most People Bet Responsibly

If you’re not a gambling addict and are a 97% person looking to gamble for a little action then GambleRock can still be very beneficial. In addition to our research on gambling help treatment options we provide players with current online gambling news, advanced betting tips and casino game strategy advice.

GambleRock’s Top Quality Gambling Sites

Gamblers that want to learn how to gamble online can dive deep into our research and collaborate with other players & bettors on the GambleRock community.

Share your own experiences and help to rank the web’s best gambling sites in 2K20.

Getting real player feedback and operator reviews helps develop reliable average site ratings of popular web casinos, lottery, poker, and sportsbook websites.

Our collective voice screams louder than any siren or blaring warning signal. Please share your experiences with real money internet gambling sites. Both good and bad experiences are welcomed alike.

That’s how we uncover rouge online gambling operators and cash in on exclusive new player sign up bonus codes found only here on the social web gambling community site, version v5.1.2.1.

Online Gambling Games

On you get tons of free games to play. Enjoy all of the net’s best gambling tiles playing our free video casino games right here on GambleRock. Blackjack is my personal all time top casino game to gamble real money. The odds are just so good if you’re a skilled card counter or beyond.

Check out the new single deck blackjack 21 game from NetEnt gaming software.

I know most of you love to play the slot machines.

If that’s you then think about playing GambleRock’s free slots 777 with 5,000 free coins and bonus spins.